Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now what?

Hi there. So here's my reality: I have no idea when/if anyone may discover this blog -- I'm not sure I'm even going to tell anyone about it. But if you're here, welcome.

Why am I bothering to blog? It's a way for me to express what's on my mind -- which may be one of the smallest in the Big City! Some people might journal; I choose this format. Public, yet private. Anonymity will do that for you! Thanks to carpal tunnel, I can type with far less pain than I can write by hand. And with my ancient, ever-crashing computer, I've lost my Word program (it's still on the computer, but I have lost the original discs with the numbers I need to make it work) -- so I can't just type in a journal like somebody else might. 

I read a lot of blogs (I'll mention them as time goes on), but I'm a lurker. Rarely do I comment, even when something really touches my heart. Perhaps this blog will change that. Or not. I guess we'll find out together, Dear Internet.

Dear Internet. I kinda like that. Of course, I know it won't always be Dear Internet. It may be Blasted Internet. Or something in between. 

So why should you bother to read this? Or follow it? Excellent question. I might give you some insight into a 40-something mind (or what's left of a mind after 40-something years!). I live in a Big City but so many of the people I meet here fall into the category of "small minds." Maybe that's inevitable. You get wrapped up in your own life, don't you? You get so busy that there's no room for anything else. That's OK. I get it. That's just not my style. I have room for lots more. It's finding other people who also have room -- at my age -- that's difficult. 

Why is that? So many people are married and have families, and, yeah, that makes you busy. No doubt. Kids: God's way of saying you've got too much time on your hands. (Apologies to Robin Williams for stealing and bending his line!) Married, no kids? I'll bet you're still busy. And here in the South, there's an unwritten (but rarely broken) rule: Married Women will hang only with other Married Women. Sure, just the marital status alone gives you something in common. It feels to me like there's "more" to that, but I've not made any real friends who are married, so ... draw your own conclusions, I suppose. I've lived in the Midwest as well -- this is not nearly so rampant a situation up there. Out west? I have no clue. 

So you've probably figured out that I'm single and childless. It's mostly by choice. The kids thing is definitely by MY choice. Single? Perhaps so. It's definitely my choice not to settle for Mr. Right Now. I heard Steven Tyler call his current girlfriend his "soul mate right now." Damn glad I wasn't the girlfriend -- and Mr. Tyler should be even more glad. 'Course, I don't know -- maybe she did give him hell afterward. In my small mind, that'd be a good thing. Not that it's any of my business.

Oh, yeah. I'll make comments -- even rant and rave -- about things that are none of my business. Remember that wonderful Anonymity. There'll be words about Big Things (national and even international events) and Very Little Things (my cats) and everything between. But mostly, it'll just be my thoughts. Put into type.

Out there? Let me know -- if you want! :)